Cultural Pluralism in the United States


        One of the critical questions facing the United States today is what role new immigrants will play in their new country .To what degree will they choose to take on the traditional American values and culture ?How much will they try to maintain their own language and culture traditions?Will they create an entirely new culture based on some combination of their values and those of the traditional american culture?

Historically,although the children of immigrants may have grown up bilingual and bicaltural, for a number of reasons may did not pass on their language and culture.thus, many grandchildren of immigrants do not speak the language of the old country and are simply American by culture. However, in parts of the country with established communities that share a common language or culture, bilingualism and bicalturalism  continue. This is particularly true in communities where new immigrants are still arriving. In California, for example,the test for a driver’s license is given in thirty different languages. In general;cultural pluralism is more accepted in the United States today than it was in the first half of the twentieth century,and many of the school systems have developed bilingual programs and multicultural curricula.

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