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A chance For a Change

          There was a world that had never seen the light of the day ,only night through the 12 months of the year, the only light people knew was the one of the moon. People lived only for their profit and never thought of each other’s interest. The inhabitants were only people accompanied by invisible devils .Two seasons were passing in turn during the whole year; winter and autumn; the thing that made people so sad and never happy though they do not know why. Tears were the dominant facial expression and even thought to be the only one. Happy feelings and sympathy had no relation with this selfish world because of its darkness and cloudiness. 

The people liked nothing in their world but their children; they regret to have kids in such a selfish world  ;in order to make their children avoid suffering as they did , they decided to send them the day they are born to the second world “the innocent world”.

           The innocent world is the world that prevented the old people to live in because they already knew or had something about badness of the other world. Whenever those sent children get eighteen years old they have to leave the innocent world towards the evil world because once getting eighteen they started having the same characters they inherited from their parents consequently the innocent world rejected them but before they leave, the world takes from them all the good memories because those sacred memories could not be taken to such wicked world.

            The innocent world is a world that we all wish to live in, the children knew only the day  and never the night ,the sun and never the moon ;summer and spring but never winter and autumn , this world had all beauty ,innocence and goodness. Their education was about the life in the other world where their fathers live their miserable life 

             One day this world received a group of babies, among them “  Jason Betterfield”  the son of the  most wicked couple “HELINA” and “ADAM “,the thing that made that inherited characteristic appear early when he was 17 years old. He spent the remaining year in an internal conflict between the goodness he had from this world and the wickedness he inherited from the other world.

              Thanks to Innocent World education, children knew that their parents loved them deeply and sent them here to keep them  away from bad life till they become mature enough, through following his courses and comparing himself, Jason could be the only child who really not only knew but experienced what his parents are suffering from, and he was sure that he was going to face the same destiny or worse.

            It is the eighteenth birthday for the five hundred children and it was time to leave; but before that they were asked to discharge all their memories they had about this world except the one that contains the map to the devil world. While the others started to discharge good memories and kept the map memory, Jason pretended doing the same though he discharged the map memory and kept the others. He went out and waited for the others to guide him because he had no map. Few minutes later the others came out with no idea about the names of each other or the friendship they had or even about the last thing they did, all what they knew is their destination .Jason unfortunately was not so quick because of the heavy memories he carried with him and that made him lost his friends thus lost the way. He was looking everywhere and running quickly in all directions until he fell down, at that moment he heard a voice screaming “Jason!!!Oh god, are you okay? “.Jason was astonished of hearing his name in a place where no one knows the other and turned towards the voice to see “Sara“ the girl with whom  he used to spend most of his time in Innocent World .before uttering any word many questions jumped to his mind “how could she remember his name? ;why would she help him?

Why she was not with the rest of the group ?Then he stupidly replied “Nelly ,you remember me , how ?“She denied no I do not … wait you just said Nelly, Jason you kept your memories. Did not you? » Yes, I did” Jason answered confidently “and I am sure that you did the same “ and then they told each other about the bad characteristics they inherited early in their lives and talked about the foxy ways they used to escape discharging the memories; and decided to keep this as their little secret.

Once arriving and discovering how bad was this world, they decided to change it in less than four years because those who came from Innocent World came with empty minds that should be charged with devil in four years .They started by giving free and secret courses for those who were with them, about goodness they brought from the other world and the most important is to put into practice all what they learn; for example if they learn about goodness, they must be good to their environment, consequently they spread kindness among their families  then the five hundred  member could finally write books and spread their messages in public with no fear till the government accepted this reformation of life in this world.

               Though people get rid of selfishness, darkness is still all around and people still met only winter and autumn with the invisible evils, which kept them sad. One day they decided to send government to ask nature about the reason behind this. The government chief said “Hi Ms nature we are here to ask you to give us a chance to see the day, the angels, the summer and the spring”. Ms nature replied “I can not make the night disappear because what you do not know dears ;is that night feeds himself from the selfishness the evil world has ” ” but they  had already get rid of it “ the chief assured .though it does not appear in their eyes, it is hidden in their hearts and they can not get rid of it unless they go to the Purgatory River in the High Land in which they have to swim , if you do so , I will offer you summer and spring as a gift”.

Two days after people started to go to the river regularly. And this world become to be known EARTH  With time they started to feel hot during summer ,so they doubled the times of going to that river thus the night in summer was shortened; however, in winter they felt cold and reduced the times of going there which made the selfishness grows more and night grows longer. After this purification the angels started to visit this world to encourage people to carry on doing so; however, devils are still pushing people towards the sins. This conflict was the only to remain up to now. 




I see the beauty everywhere

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